Leaving Room for God in College

Practical tips to help you prioritize your spirituality amidst college stress (or any stress) and busy schedules.

This video was filmed at a halaqa (religious gathering) held by the Muslim Student Association at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2018. I was a sophomore in college at the time deeply struggling to balance competing priorities- it was tough making time to work on my relationship with God with the constant pressures of a challenging college degree in mind. I hope that these tips and conversations may be something you may take away and benefit from.

I also want to note that while rewatching this video, I noticed at times when I was referring to relationships with people and comparing them to our relationship with God, I mistakenly continued to use the word “person” when referring to God. I cannot go back and fix the mistaken language, but I do hope that the message remains clear despite that slip of the tongue. Anything good in this video comes from Allah SWT and any mistakes are solely my own.


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